Classes and Event Files

Documents and presentations for classes given can be found here.

Class files are generally uploaded after each class has been given. If you are looking for specific information not found here, please feel free to call us at 801-771-1677.
Class Name and Date File Description Date / Time Added File Location
How to Manage Lawn During Drought 2022-04-27Learn how to manage your lawn with limited water4/27/2022 5:59 PMVIEW
Creating or Managing Shade in the Landscape 2022-08-03Shade Gardening PDF Files 08/03/20228/4/2022 7:34 AMVIEW
Localscape Design Workshop 2022-06-15Localscape Design Workshop June 16 20226/20/2022 8:06 AMVIEW
Irrigation Workshop 2022-04-30All the basics for how to set up and operate your sprinkler and drip systems5/3/2022 8:19 AMVIEW
Vegetable Gardening Basics 2022-04-20Basics for being successful with growing vegetables4/20/2022 6:00 PMVIEW
Perennial Plant Combinations 2022-04-13Presentation Slides- Perennials4/14/2022 4:35 PMVIEW
Localscape University 2022-03-23Localscapes University PDF File3/24/2022 9:59 AMVIEW
Introduction to Foodscaping 2022-03-16Foodscaping slides3/18/2022 11:10 AMVIEW
Pruning Fruit Trees & Grapes 2022-03-12Fruit Trees and Grapes pruning slides3/18/2022 2:02 PMVIEW
Making the Most of your Park Strip 2022-03-04PDF Files for Making the Most of Your Park strip3/3/2022 12:06 PMVIEW
Pruning Shrubs & Roses 2022-02-26Pruning Roses and Shrubs Class Feb 26 20222/28/2022 11:51 AMVIEW
130Perennial Slides from Sept. 15, 20219/16/2021 8:24 AMVIEW
128Rock Gardens and Succulents- August 20218/28/2021 11:12 AMVIEW
125Native Plant in person Class slides -Aug 20218/5/2021 1:23 PMVIEW
124Soils and Composting Slides July 20217/19/2021 10:50 AMVIEW
123Perennials- June 30 20217/1/2021 7:48 AMVIEW
121First Half Slides-Trees6/17/2021 7:33 AMVIEW
121second half slides- Veggies and ornamentals6/17/2021 7:33 AMVIEW
118Herb Gardening PDF Slides5/19/2021 5:48 PMVIEW
116Combined slides from the four sections of Localscapes University class on March 3rd 20213/4/2021 9:45 AMVIEW
112Slides for Vegetable Gardening and Raised Beds May 20215/6/2021 9:32 AMVIEW
110Irrigation Workshop Slides4/26/2021 1:08 PMVIEW
102Waterwise Landscaping PDF Slides4/29/2021 8:27 AMVIEW
100Spring Startup Presentation PDF4/22/2021 8:12 AMVIEW
98PDF files for Designing with Perennials4/14/2021 7:58 PMVIEW
97PDF files for Deer Resistant Landscaping class4/12/2021 10:20 AMVIEW
92PDF slides for Weeds class on Mar. 31, 20213/31/2021 4:26 PMVIEW
91PDF slide for Localscape Design Workshop: 3/27/21 3/29/2021 8:48 AMVIEW
84Contact information for class instructor, no slide presentation for this class3/22/2021 12:37 PMVIEW
80Making the Most of your Park Strip. March 10 2021 Slides3/11/2021 9:15 AMVIEW
79PDF Files for Proper Pruning of Ornamental Trees & Shrubs3/1/2021 1:58 PMVIEW
77Slides for Fruit Tree Pruning Feb. 20212/22/2021 9:58 AMVIEW
76Presentation Slides for Veggie Gardening Feb 20212/12/2021 8:39 AMVIEW
75Slides forIntroduction to Localscapes Feb. 3, 2021 2/4/2021 12:35 PMVIEW
73PDF slides of Evergreen Class9/15/2020 2:44 PMVIEW
72PDF slides for the Ornamental Grasses class on Aug 26 20208/28/2020 8:37 AMVIEW
71Slides for Cut Flower Gardening8/28/2020 10:18 AMVIEW
70PDF slides of the drip irrigation class on Aug. 12 20208/28/2020 8:38 AMVIEW
69Slides for Soils and Composting Class8/28/2020 11:43 AMVIEW
68Slide presentation for Perennials By Design class June 24, 20206/25/2020 8:39 AMVIEW
67Slide presentation for Landscape Tree Class June 17, 20206/17/2020 4:25 PMVIEW
65pdf file of simple plans5/8/2020 12:27 PMVIEW
64PDF slides for Succulent and Cactus Class5/28/2020 12:18 PMVIEW
62Class slides.4/23/2020 10:49 AMVIEW
61Slides for online Healthy Lawns Class 4/16/2020 10:05 AMVIEW
54Fall Gardening and Bulbs slides9/23/2020 3:56 PMVIEW
54PDF slides of Fall Gardening and Bulbs class Sept 23, 20209/24/2020 8:32 AMVIEW
40Pdf handout of presentation slides for Weeds online class6/3/2020 1:49 PMVIEW
37Localscape University Creating a Base Map5/13/2020 4:39 PMVIEW