July 11, 2018

PLEASE CLEAN YOUR FILTERS REGULARLY.  Every summer we see an increase in plant life in the rivers.  This year, due to the above average temperatures this past winter, having very little runoff to scour the river, and hot temperatures this summer, we are seeing a high level of plant life in the river.  This plant life is breaking loose and making its way into our secondary systems.  Due to the plant life and other debris in the untreated water, you may notice a need to clean your filters more often.  We recommend removing your filter and cleaning it with a wire brush, as backwashing your filter may not remove the plant life and debris.  We expect this to continue for the next several weeks.  Also, during these hot months, water use is very high and doesn’t allow debris to settle, so cleaning your filter frequently will be very important during this high use time.

Please remember, secondary water is an untreated water supply for use on landscapes only.  Be advised that this water source should not be used for outdoor recreation such as pools or playing in sprinklers, and water from this source should never be consumed.