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This is not a comprehensive list of all classes taught in 2018. Some classes did not have presentations or materials that could be shared online. 


March 10: Best Pruning Practices (Fruit Trees and Grapes)

March 14: Yard and Garden IPM (Pest Management)

March 31: Best Pruning Practices (Trees, Shrubs, and Roses)

April 11: Sprinklers, Timers, and Irrigation Tune-Ups (no presentation)

April 25: Localscapes 101

April 28: Vegetable Gardening

May 9: Putting the "WOW" Factor in your Flower Gardens (no presentation)

May 16: Green, Healthy, Water Efficient Lawns (no presentation) 

May 19: Localscapes University

            -Creating a Base Map

           -Central Open Shape

            -Gathering Areas, Activity Zones, and Paths

            -Irrigation and Irrigation Conversion

            -Planting Design

May 23: Common Weeds of the Yard and Garden

June 13: Layering the Landscape: Trees, Shrubs, and Flowers (no presentation)

June 27: Succulents

August 11: Localscapes 101 (see April 25 class)

August 15: Cut Flower Gardens

August 22: Best Perennials for All Locations (no presentation)

August 29: Plant Combinations for Water Efficiency (no presentation)

September 8: Localscapes University (see May 19 class)

September 12: Houseplants

September 29: Dividing and Transplanting