Next Class: Succulents
Learn about ways to use succulents to beautify your home, both indoors and out
Gardening Tip:
Let your grass grow a little longer.
2.5 to 3.5 inches is ideal for maximum dought tolerance while maintaining a clean-cut look
Rebates Available!
Receive a rebate for updating your
toilet or irrigation controller.
Water Saving Tip:
Showers are the best.
It takes about 70 gallons of water to fill an average bathtub.
Short showers use significantly less water.
Free Water Checks Available!
Set up an appointment to have our water checkers come to your house and help customize your irrigation schedule to your yard’s specific needs.

Conservation Rebates

Water conservation is one of the most efficient ways to ensure we have enough water for our growing population. To make conservation easier for homeowners Weber Basin Water provides rebates for various products that help save water.
Conservation Rebate Page




Spring Garden Fair

 Weber Basin Water's Spring Garden Fair will be held June 2, 2018 from 8:00 a.m. to 2:00 p.m. at our main facility at 2837 East Highway 193, Layton Utah. 

Parking is available in front of our main building or across the street at the Mountain View Baptist Church. A shuttle is available to take participants back and forth from the church's parking lot. 

This event is FREE to attend. 


Garden Vendors:

          The highlight of this event has to be the diverse selection of local, landscape-related vendors                   that attend to sell their goods.

          The vendors this year include:

               • Valley Nursery


               •Tagges Fruit



               •Pitty Patty Garden Bling

               •Things on Springs

               •Wild Valley Farms

               •Miller Companies

               •Foodscaping Utah

               •Horseshoe Yard Art

               •Garden Boxes

               •Precious Mud Love

               •All A Flutter

               •Local Artist Collective

               •Garden Inspired               


Garden Experts:

          Along with our vendors, we will have garden experts here to help answer all your gardening                  questions! 

          Our experts this year include: 

               •Ogden Nature Center

               •USU Extension

               •Chanshare Sod Farms

               •Ogden City Water 

               •Orbit Irrigation

               •Sprinkler World

               •Chad's Plumbing


Class Schedule:

          These classes are free to attend and require no previous registration Classes will be held in the              classroom in our main building. 

               •9:00 a.m. Herb Gardening- Buena Tomalin, Garden Inspired

               •10:00 a.m. Scales and Tails (reptile experience)

               •11:30 a.m. Localscapes 101- Shaun Moser, JVWCD


Tour Schedules:

          Free tours of the Learning Garden and water treatment process will be available during the event

               •Garden tours will be held at 9:30, 10:30, 11:30, and 12:30

               •Water treatment process tours will be held at 10:00, 11:00, 12:00, and 1:00 


Free Activities:

          •9:00 a.m. to 2:00 p.m. Face painters

          •9:00 a.m. to 2:00 p.m. Bouncy house and slide

          •10:00 a.m. to 11:00 a.m. Scales and Tails (reptile experience, in the classroom)


Free Food:

          Hot dogs will be available from 10:00 a.m. to 2:00 p.m.  

          •Hot dogs



          •Cotton Candy


Gardening Classes


Every year Weber Basin hosts a series of gardening classes. Every year the class subjects change, but classes often include such topics as pruning fruit trees, having a successful vegetable garden, properly taking care of lawns, maintaining an irrigation system, and many more. All classes are free to attend unless otherwise noted when signing up. 

Classes are held at our main campus at 2837 E Hwy 193, Layton, UT 84040

Click 2018 Learning Garden Classes to view and sign up for upcoming classes. 

Click 2018 Class Presentations to view class presentations from 2018. 

Click 2017 Classes Presentations to view class presentations from 2017.