Spring 2020 Water Turn On Notice
Weber Basin Water Conservancy District will begin charging its secondary irrigation lines in some areas during the week of April 6, 2020. Due to the size of our service area, it will take several days to charge the entire system, resulting in most lines being charged by April 15, 2020. Other irrigation systems may not charge their systems until a later date. Please check with your local retail secondary water provider regarding charging dates.
Secondary irrigation lines in West Haven are scheduled to be charged April 16 and 17, 2020.
Residents should ensure that all main line valves are closed by April 1st and their systems are prepared to accept water. Residents who fail to close their valves may encounter flooding problems and users are responsible for any water entering their systems during all months of the year.
Although most areas will be fully charged by April 15, 2020, we encourage residents not to use their secondary irrigation water until landscapes require it. Regardless of winter precipitation levels, the District strongly encourages all secondary water users to utilize proactive conservation practices in an effort to reduce waste of this important resource.
Customers are reminded there is no watering between 10:00 a.m. and 6:00 p.m. every day throughout the irrigation season. Violators may risk the loss of service for the remainder of the irrigation season. New landscaping allowances will be considered upon request
Secondary water is an untreated water supply for use on landscapes only. Be advised that this water source should not be used for outdoor recreation such as pools or playing in sprinklers. Water from this source should never be consumed. Please explain to children the differences between water sources around the home. A good measure is to paint secondary water taps and spigots red or purple to distinguish from drinking water sources. Washing with soap and water is advised after coming in contact with secondary water.
It is the responsibility of the water user to keep main turn out valves clear from brush and shrubs. Any water user who has a pump installed to boost water pressure should install a low water cut off switch to avoid pump damage in the event that water service is temporarily interrupted or system pressure drops.
We encourage all users to use wise conservation practices. If you would like more information on effective watering, call 801-771-1677 or visit https://www.weberbasin.com/conservation/learninggarden
Weber Basin Water
Conservancy District