Surplus Sales as of 3/18/2021
The following personal property owned by Weber Basin Water Conservancy District has been declared surplus due to its poor condition, obsoleteness, and being no longer required for use. Details and instructions for the sale of these surplus items can be found below.
Those interested, whether individuals or businesses, in the items that have been deemed “Surplus” by the District are subject to the following:
All vehicles are sold “As-Is” with no written, expressed, or implied warranty of condition. This includes mileage and operational condition at the time of bidding. It is advised that potential buyers inspect vehicles prior to bidding to verify actual condition. Typical routine maintenance has been performed on all vehicles, however, it should be assumed that no long term maintenance has been performed such as transmission or transfer case oil.

All items are sold “As-Is” with no written, expressed, or implied warranty of condition. This includes operational condition at the time of bidding. It is advised that potential buyers inspect surplus items prior to bidding to verify actual condition.

Items are available for inspection during normal business operating hours of 8:00 a.m. to 4:30 p.m. at 2837 East Highway 193, Layton, Utah. Please note that staff may be in reduced force due to COVID concerns, so please coordinate your visit with a District staff member. If you have been knowingly exposed to COVID-19, are experiencing symptoms of the virus, or have been in a foreign country within the last 14 days, we ask that you do not enter the District’s headquarters facility or enter onto the surrounding campus, as this is a critical drinking water facility. If you have additional questions on the items, you may contact District staff at 801-771-1677.

Each surplus item listed below has a set listing price. Interested parties may submit their highest and best offer on each item via email to Sherrie Mobley, at Please identify the item number and description of item along with your bid price. Bids will be accepted until 4:30 PM on April 15, 2021. At the close of bidding, the highest submitted bid will be awarded the sale. Bids lower than the asking price may be submitted, however, will be considered and not necessarily accepted for the sale if it is the highest submitted offer.

At the close of bidding, winning parties will be notified via the contact information left in their bid email and will have 48 hours to complete the purchase. If an extension is needed, it will be considered, however a non-refundable deposit will be required for each surplus item to be purchased.
Additional Information
Additional information if requested may be obtained by reaching out to the District at 801-771-1677.
Surplus Personal Property for Sale
Item #1
1956 Link Belt Dragline
Minimum Bid $3,195
Item #2
Deutz 10-Inch Pump
Minimum Bid $355
Item #3
Asphalt Sealant
Minimum Bid $50
Item #4
Secondary Recycle Meters
Minimum Bid $50
Item #5
Equipment Forks
2 Sets
Minimum Bid $300 each set
Item #6
Yamaha 350 4-Wheeler
Minimum Bid $250
Item #7
Stainless Steel Piping
Minimum Bid $320
Item #8
Propane Tank 1075
Minimum Bid $50
Item #9
Minimum Bid $500
Item #10
1993 Trailer (VIN 5141)
Minimum Bid $781
Item #11
1952 P/H Crane
Minimum Bid $2,000
Item #12
1956 GM Grade All
Minimum Bid $2,500
Item #13
Weber River Conveyor
Minimum Bid $20
Item #14
Hydraulic Power Unit
Minimum Bid $500
Item #15
Plastic Tank
Minimum Bid $50
Item #16
Minimum Bid $100
Item #17
Tire Changer
Minimum Bid $200
Item #18
Minimum Bid $200
Item #19
Backhow Bucket - 2 each
Minimum Bid $150 each
Item #20
Minimum Bid $20
Item #21
2019 Ford Truck Bed
Minimum Bid $500
Item #22
Whirlpool Dishwasher (new in box)
Minimum Bid $250
Item #23
Filing Cabinets
Minimum Bid $5 each
Item #24
Minimum Bid $5 each