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Orchard Drive Well Repair 2/17/2023
The District will accept bids for the Orchard Drive Well Repair Project located in Bountiful, Utah. Specific details on the project can be found in the attached request for bid document and the adjoining attachment A - Bid Form. Bids are to be submitted online at the district public information site (this same site where you can download the attachments). Any further questions feel free to contact the district, at Jesse Moreno or 801-771-1677.
Dates Available: 2/17/2023 to 3/23/2023
Last Modified: 2/17/2023 02:13 PM
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Orchard Drive Well Repair RFB (2023) - Final.pdf2/17/2023 2:14 PM
Attachment A - Bid Form.pdf2/17/2023 2:14 PM
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