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WBWCD-NSL Wholesale Culinary & Raw Water Pipelines Replacement Project 5/11/2022

Weber Basin Water Conservancy District is requesting Statements of Qualification (SOQs) from contractors for the construction of replacing an existing Culinary and Raw waterlines in North Salt Lake, Utah. The work will include but not limited to site work, installing a 3 new pipelines. This project includes installing approximately 880 feet of 10-inch, 6,550 feet of 12-inch, 5,620 feet of 18-inch C-900 PVC pipe and fittings, mainline valves, combination air-vacuum valves,

and other culinary waterline appurtenances.

The Statement of Qualifications from the contractors will be accepted until 2:00 pm on May 26th, 2022. All responses will be shared with all potential contractors. Inquiries should be directed to Casey Potter at 801-771-1677. Proposals may be delivered in PDF format to the District website, no paper copies are required

The Request for Proposals can be downloaded from this site.

Dates Available: 5/11/2022 to 5/26/2022
Last Modified: 5/11/2022 02:46 PM
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