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Weber South WTP 42 Effluent line Replacement Project 11/16/2021

The District is requesting bids for a pipeline project in Ogden, Weber County, UT. The PROJECT will generally consist of the replacement of approximately 685 LF of existing 36” shotcoat culinary line with new 36” PVC and 42” PVC pipe. As well as the replacement of approximately 110 LF of existing 12” shotcoat secondary line with a new 12” PVC pipe. The district has already ordered the 36” and 42” PVC pipe, pipe fittings and vault. The 12” PVC pipe will need to be ordered for this project as well as the fittings to connect to the existing shotcoat pipe. Bids are Due Nov. 30th, 2021 at 2pm local time.

All Questions shall be submitted by 11-29-2021 by 2:30pm to

Dates Available: 11/16/2021 to 11/30/2021
Last Modified: 11/30/2021 08:06 AM
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