Casa Loma Drive Irrigation Replacement Project
Project Contact If you have any questions or concerns, contact Michelle Hurst 801-633-1056
Project Overview
From March 30th - May 15th, Weber Basin Water Conservancy District (WBWCD) will be replacing an irrigation pipeline and installing secondary water meters in Centerville along Casa Loma Drive. This project is part of WBWCD’s ongoing effort to replace aging infrastructure in order to continue to provide secondary water service that you enjoy as well as to install secondary water meters which promote efficient use of secondary water. The project will coincide with Centerville City’s upcoming street improvements in Casa Loma Drive which reduces project costs and reduces disruption to residents.
With the new pipeline being placed, we anticipate some disruption to your secondary water service. Your secondary water will be turned on as soon as the project is completed which is expected to be May 15th (in advance of the road project completion by Centerville City).
Upon completion of the installation, site conditions in your park strip area will be restored to the preconstruction condition. Please note that sod restoration may happen at a date later than the meter installation.
For the duration of the project, we would ask that you do not park on the street during the hours of 7 a.m. to 5:30 p.m.
Frequently Asked Questions
Will I be affected by this project?
Two maps are available on this webpage. Exhibit 1 shows in red the residents that will have their water temporarily shut off during the project. Exhibit 2 shows the residents that will be receiving a new meter as part of this project.
Will the COVID-19 pandemic impact this project?
The parties involved in this project are committed to practicing social distancing and hygiene best practices in order to minimize spread of COVID-19 and potential impact to construction schedule. The flyer will be the only paper project correspondence provided. All other project updates and information will be posted on this website. We are also happy to coordinate with you and answer any questions you may have over phone or video chat.
Will my landscape have issues due to not having irrigation water until May 15th?
We encourage all of our irrigation users to wait until Mother’s Day to water. Depending on spring weather, most lawns, trees and shrubs do not need to be watered before May 15th due to existing soil moisture. If abnormally dry conditions are encountered lawns may yellow which is a sign of stress but will recover after irrigation resumes.
Will I notice the meter after install?
After the meter is installed, you will notice a 12 inch wide purple lid covering the meter box. Where possible this lid will be located in your park strip.
Will they dig up my yard?
A small area on either side of your park strip will be excavated to install the meter and pipeline. If your connection is in the back yard, minimal impact will be made as the meter is installed at the connection location. The area disturbed will be restored to previous condition.
What do I have to do and will it cost me?
The cost of the project will be covered by Weber Basin.

Maps of Project Areas

Project Extent
Residences Receiving Meters