Secondary Water Use Reports

Information about how to read your secondary water use report

Secondary Water Use Report

Throughout the irrigation season Weber Basin Water Conservancy District provides secondary water users, who have had a meter installed, a summary of their usage in the form of a Secondary Water Use Report. This report is intended to provide secondary water users information to enable more informed decisions regarding watering schedules and irrigation needs. Last month’s Secondary Water Use Report provided information regarding the District’s decision to end the secondary water season on October 1st. The Report also informed users of the District’s decision to “require users to lease additional water if they exceed their allocation.” Please note that the Secondary Water Use Report does NOT provide a user’s allocation, but instead provides a monthly estimated need. This estimated need is unique for every user and is computed based on irrigated area and daily weather conditions. Consequently, the estimated need values vary from month-to-month and year-to-year. With some effort and proper maintenance of your secondary irrigation system, the estimated need is achievable and should be the goal of all secondary water users within the District. If you would like to access more frequent accountings of your water use, please create a user account by visiting (you will need your account number and website authentication code both of which can be found in the upper right-hand corner of your Secondary Water Use Report).
Individual parcels that are provided secondary water by the District have been allocated a volume of water commonly referred to as a secondary water allocation. This allocation is used by the District to facilitate long term water supply planning and to ensure adequate water storage during normal water supply years. Allocations are contracted volumes assigned to individual parcels and take into account delivery losses.
If you are interested in learning more about your properties allocation or would like to discuss in more detail the difference between your properties estimated need and allocation, please contact the District at 801-771-1677.