Class Recordings

View recordings of classes given online and at our campus.

Class recordings and videos will be posted here as they are made available. These classes are free of charge and are normally held at our campus from February through October. You can visit the class calendar page HERE.
Date Recorded: 4/1/2020
Join David Rice, our resident Horticulurist and Conservation Programs Coordinator in this educational and informative video on Vegetable Gardening. David covers many topics and takes your questions!
Date Recorded: 4/8/2020
Join us as Janice Terry, our Conservation Garden Lead and horticulturist, give us the low down on park strips. Topics covered include a variety of plant types, ideas for low water use, and how to best utilize the park strip in front your house.
Date Recorded: 4/15/2020
David Rice, resident lawn expert and all around great guy talks grass! He presents on everything related to getting your lawn looking its best.
Date Recorded: 4/22/2020
Janice Terry shares her knowledge of all things herbs. Join us as she dives deep and delivers all the best info on these flavorful garden plants.
Date Recorded: 4/29/2020
David Rice, the man with all the flower power, shows us what perennials are good for our climate and takes your questions.
Date Recorded: 5/6/2020
In this video we get serious about container planting. Learn all about the different types of containers, soils, and plants to make your yard look wonderful.
Date Recorded: 5/8/2020
Janice and Dave teach us how to build raised beds. These are great structures for gardens and flower beds that allow for easy access and can last for years.
Date Recorded: 5/13/2020
Janice leads us on how to localscape your yard. Localscapes are specific landscape zones customized for each area of your yard. Your yard will look great and be water efficient!
Date Recorded: 5/20/2020
Dave Rice teaches us all about irrigation. Timers, valves, manifolds, he covers it all!
Date Recorded: 5/27/2020
Janice Terry delivers on succulents. Which ones are best for your climate and how to care and maintain for them are just a few of the awesome topics covered!