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27 March
9:00 AM
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Creating a good landscape plan is one of the most important steps to achieving a beautiful and functional landscape. You’ve taken Localscapes University and now need extra help laying out your design. This class will help you get started putting your ideas onto paper. We’ll walk you through a guided design process that covers the elements of a Localscape and the basics of planting bed design without getting into the details like selecting individual plants. You will not have time during the class to practice, but can gain the knowledge to create a basic Localscapes design drawn to-scale. Requirements: 1. Attendees are required to have attended a Localscapes University class. 2. Attendees must come prepared with a base map of their property drawn to scale by watching this video and following it's instructions. ( Please only register as one person if you are sharing a design (couples). Space is limited but the course and workshop opportunities will be recorded and repeated through the summer.
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