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Classes are generally located at the District's headquarters and are scheduled from early spring through the fall. Classes with a limited number of spots available are on first come first served basis in regards to registration. Classes will open for registration no earlier than six weeks prior to the scheduled date. You may also register by calling the District at 801-771-1677.

Landscape and Garden Pests-Education & Management

Online6:30 PM

This class will be taught by the staff of USU Extension and will cover the insect pests that plague our landscapes and garden...

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Localscape Irrigation Workshop

Online9:00 AM

Summer is in full swing, and you may be working on some sprinkler system issues. Whether you are just putting in a new yard ...

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Perennial Plants In Your Landscape

Online6:30 PM

There are hundreds of varieties of perennials to choose from for our climate. This class will help you learn some of the best...

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Soils and Composting

Online6:30 PM

Use your grass clippings, leaves, and some table scraps to benefit your soil. We will teach you the basics of soil properties...

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