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Classes are generally located at the District's headquarters and are scheduled from early spring through the fall. Classes with a limited number of spots available are on first come first served basis in regards to registration. Classes will open for registration no earlier than six weeks prior to the scheduled date. You may also register by calling the District at 801-771-1677.


Online6:00 PM

Composting is a simple way to add nutrient-rich material to your landscape. Learning how to properly compost kitchen and yard...

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ONLINE-Drip Irrigation- Installation & Use

Online2:00 PM

Drip irrigation can be a fantastic way to water flowerbeds, without using too much water. Too much water can lead to drowning...

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ONLINE-Cut Flowers

Online2:00 PM

Bring the flowers you’ve spent so much time and energy on outside into your home and enjoy them in air-conditioned bliss with...

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ONLINE-Ornamental Grasses

Online2:00 PM

Nothing brings movement and texture into your garden quite like ornamental grasses. Learn which ones do well in our area, the...

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ONLINE- Introduction to Localscapes

2837 E Hwy 193, Layton, Utah2:00 PM

You’ve heard about Localscapes, but don’t know if this approach is right for you? Start here! Attending this class before Loc...

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ONLINE- Evergreens in the Landscape

Online2:00 PM

Evergreen trees can be a great source of green through the hottest and coldest parts of the year. These trees and shrubs have...

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ONLINE-Artificial Grass

Online2:00 PM

Let’s face it, grass can sometimes be a pain to maintain. If the area is too hilly, has too many peo-ple walking on it too of...

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* Registration avail 8/5/2020

ONLINE- Fall Gardening and Bulb Planting

Online2:00 PM

Even though the weather is cooling off there is still work to be done in the yard; fall clean up, tool maintenance, planting ...

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* Registration avail 8/12/2020