Proposal Evaluations

Proposals were evaluated based on a set of weighted criteria. The weighted criteria that were used to evaluate proposals, along with their respective weights, are listed below:

  • Project Team Experience (20%)
  • Experience with and Completion of Similar Projects (20%)
  • Approach, Coordination, and Response Times for Emergencies (20%)
  • Financial (20%)
  • General Approach to Pricing (20%)

Based on the evaluations performed by District staff using these criteria and scoring, the final scores of the Proposals were as follows:

  • 80.5
  • 76
  • 73
  • 53.5

Proposals were received from the following entities, listed in alphabetical order:

  • AE2S
  • Aventura Controls
  • NKD
  • SKM

The successful proposal for this project was submitted by Aventura Controls with a score of 80.5.