30 August 2018

Weber Basin Water Conservancy District will discontinue deliveries of all irrigation water on October 1, 2018. The District, in consultation with other irrigation water providers, has determined the water savings from this shut off date will be very beneficial to next year's water supply.

With last winter's snowpack and subsequent runoff being significantly below normal, this shut off date is considered necessary and in the public's best interest to ensure sufficient water supply for future needs. The hot and dry summer has led to increased water usage and is another contributing factor that has put strain on existing water supplies. This notice addresses irrigation water only, as there are no anticipated shortages for culinary water deliveries.

The District encourages water conservation efforts regardless of precipitation to ensure future water supplies. Currently an estimated 65% of urban water is applied to outdoor lawns and gardens, and most landscapes are considerably over watered. With the cooler temperatures, plants and vegetation typically do not have a high-water demand in October and will go dormant until next spring.

The District appreciates the community's continual efforts in water conservation. If you have questions, please contact the District.