Culinary and M&I Industrial Water:

The District contracts with a variety of entities and municipalities for the treatment and delivery of drinking water within Davis, Summit, and Weber counties. The District does not directly supply culinary water to residences.  To apply for wholesale culinary or industrial water, please contact us at our office.


Secondary Water:

Secondary water is untreated, unfiltered water that is used for the irrigation of outdoor residential landscaping and gardening. The District wholesales secondary water to secondary water purveyors and retails secondary water directly to some residents in Davis and Weber County. To apply for secondary water service, please view the secondary water page to read the instructions and complete the online fillable form. Once we have received applications, the District will contact the applicant for further processing.

Secondary Water Page


Replacement Water:

Replacement water is groundwater that is sold to residents within the District boundaries who do not have access to a municipal or community water system and need to drill a well. For this type of water, residents must apply for replacement water from the District and apply for an exchange from the Utah State Engineer’s Office. To apply for replacement water, please view the replacement water page, and follow the provided instructions. Visit the State Engineer’s website for information on obtaining a water exchange.

Replacement Water Page