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Presentations 2017

Welcome to the 2017 landscape and gardening classes. This page will provide you with the information that was presented as slides for any class that has a slide presentation. For classes with no slides, there will be no information unless there were useful handout worksheets. Handouts will be here if they are available from instructors to be posted. All files are in pdf format.

March 4th- Best Pruning Practices (Fruit Trees and Grapes) Click here for slides

March 15th- Early Season Veggies Click here for slides

March 25th- Best Pruning Practices (Ornamental Trees, Shrubs & Roses) Click here for slides

April 26th- Localscapes 101 Click here for slides

May 6th- Summer Veggies-Click here for slides

USU Extension Garden Resources Link

May 10th- Basic Flowerbed Design- Click Here for Slides

May 20th- Localscapes University (5 seperate sets of slides below)

Creating a Base Map

Central Open Shape

Gathering, Activity, Paths

Planting Design

Irrigation and Landscape Conversion

June 26th-All About Bees- Click Here for Slides

Beekeeping handout