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Wait to water your lawn until May to get healthy deep roots.


Don't water until your lawn absolutely needs it! If you are already watering, you're wasting water. There is no reason to water until mid-May in our climate on an average year. Your grass will not green up any faster. On some years, if we have a wetter spring, we can wait and push off watering even later, sometimes until June. Right now soils are saturated with moisture and any additional you apply is either running through the soil and our of reach of plant roots, or is running off the surface to some other location or down the gutter. Waiting to water will encourage your turf to develop deep roots which will help it be much more drought tolerant when the weather gets hot.

Lawns that need to be watered will turn a blue-green color and when you walk on them the grass blades to not spring back up, leaving a clear imprint of where your foot was. You can also use a straight screwdriver to probe into the soil to see how moist it is and how far down. If you can push a screwdriver into the ground it has moisture and can wait for additional water. Wait until you see either of these signs before you begin watering this spring.